Savidge Airsoft - Rebellion

Introducing Savidge Airsoft - Rebellion, Our newest addition the range of established airsoft sites.

Working with the popular Rebellion airsoft site, we are honored to be able to offer this woodland site catered more for smaller team games. Weither you want to run and chase down your prey or play the sneaky game this site will have you covered.

Situated in a dense woodland and a total 6 acres of rich woodland arena offering plenty of way to attack your opposition be it a frontal assault of take advantage of the surroundings. The site has enough woodland to keep anyone happy while also offering a range of barricades , wooden huts, tire defenses and much more. 

Created by the players for the players, at Rebellion there are always changes taking place to further improve the already well established location.

Rebellion is located LIME LANE WOODS, Lime Ln, Nottingham NG5 8PW so an easy to find.

Specifically designed and built for the players of all ages and play styles in mind, no matter is this is your first game, or your a veteran of many airsoft games, were sure you'll have a good time.

We will also have a small range of stock for purchase including but not limited to rifles, pistols, consumables, and tac gear.

So to sum up Savidge Airsoft - Rebellion can offer
  • On site products for purchase
  • 6 acres worth of wood land
  • Easy to find site
  • Range of on site obstacles and hides
  • On site toilet
  • On site food and drink
  • Site dedicated to a wide range of players
  • Partly sheltered safe zone

Savidge Airsoft - Rebellion can hold a maximum of 40 players making for some intense fire fights aimed at smaller squad based game play rather than the chaotic nature of some larger capacity sites.

Plan, deploy, use tactics and skill to take your down rival team all the while, making your way through the dense woodland, setting up traps, ambush and defeat your enemy.